We are not currently building custom wheels for businesses. Instead, we are building new Wheel Decide features to serve as many as possible. If you have a feature you need for you or your business, tell us about it in the form below. You will be emailed when the new Wheel Decide is ready for business, or once we are creating custom wheels.

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Increase customer or employee engagement with our custom wheels and prize wheel systems. Everyone has fun spinning a wheel especially when there are prizes on the line. Fit a wheel with your brand or product, so they know who to thank when they win big. Unite your sales force by distributing prizes to them around the world. We create wheels for promotional prize giveaways, raffles, presentations, conferences, trade shows, events, education, training, and more.

Lakewood Catholic Academy’s wheel used to sort students into their housing at orientation

Hendlin Prize Wheel powered by Wheel Decide

“Our company used Wheel Decide for a game at a business conference and we were very pleased. They were very helpful in customizing the wheel to meet our client’s preferred designs, and the game was a huge hit! I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.”

Josh Hendlin, Business Manager
hendlin! (creative | marketing | production)

Prize Wheels

Collect data from your customers with a fun prize giveaway online or offline. Unite your international sales force by incentivizing them with a wheel of prizes.
– create, modify, and monitor wheels and prize distribution
– collect data from users
– distribute universal or unique promo codes

Ohio Virtual Academy's baseball prize wheel

“Wheel Decide is great to work with! They created a custom wheel for our needs and we absolutely love it! It has worked well at our Minor League Baseball events, and kids love taking the virtual spin! We are looking forward to seeing the next wheel they create for us. They are responsive and very conscientious of deadlines.”

Angelica Reis, Marketing Manager
Ohio Virtual Academy

We offer many other services and custom development

The sky is the limit. For example, check out our 2016 College Basketball Wheel Madness Bracketology Simulator.

2016 College Basketball Wheel Madness Bracketology Simulator

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