How to Give Back to the Community

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There are many different ways to give back to the community. Whether you are starting your own fundraiser, donating money you’ve earned to a great charity, or donating some clothes you don’t need, it’s always great to think of ways to can help out. We’ve started a wheel of some charitable acts to do, but don’t hesitate to modify the wheel to be more specific ways that are better suited to you. Here are a few of the ways we’ve picked:


There are so many different ways to volunteer, from soup kitchens to using your specific skills to help out a local charitable organization.

Donate Money

Pick out a favorite charity and donate however much money you feel comfortable donating. If you can’t decide which charity to give to, check out our wheel of great charities that are rated highly by Charity Navigator.

Donate Goods

Are your drawers full of clothes? Donate some clothes. Doing spring cleaning and have stuff that realized that you aren’t really using? Donate it!

Attend a Fundraising Event

There are tons of different fundraising events always going on throughout the world. Whether it’s a charity run or a dance marathon, these events are great to raise some money for worthy causes and to raise awareness.

Start a Fundraiser

There are online tools to start your own online fundraiser or if you’re even more ambitious start your own fundraising event. You may find that you get a better reception because people like the idea that the event is for a good cause and it may give more motivation to go.

Teach Others in Need

You’ve got skills that other people could use, so try to find a way to teach people how to do something that will help out the community in some way or another.

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