Wheel Drink (Drinking Game)

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This drinking game is based off the card game known as “Kings,” “Circle of Death,” and other names as well . Everyone takes turns spinning the wheel and following instructions.

  • You Drink
  • Give a Drink
  • Girls Drink
  • Guys Drink
  • Everyone Drinks
  • Date/Mate
    – The spinner chooses another partner to drink with. This pair must drink together any time one or the other must drink. The pair lasts until another Date/Mate is chosen.
  • Fat Boy
    – The spinner starts the count off with “1.” The next player continues the count around the circle, but any number that is a multiple of 7 or containing a 7 digit must be replaced with “Fat Boy.” Once “Fat Boy” is said, the direction of the count is reversed. Whoever hesitates, says the wrong thing, or says something when they shouldn’t, must drink. Good luck if you can get to the 70’s.
  • Floor
    – Everyone touch the floor. Last person to touch, must drink.
  • Sky
    – Everyone reach for the sky. Last person to put both of their hands in the air, must drink.
  • Thumb Master
    – The spinner is now the Thumb Master. At any one time during the game, the Thumb Master may discreetly put their thumb on the table. Everyone must put their thumb on the table. The last person to put their thumb on the table drinks.
  • Rhyme
    – The spinner chooses a word or phrase. The circle must rhyme with the word or phrase. Whoever hesitates or repeats a word or phrase already been said, must drink. Slant rhymes only count if they’re good.
  • Categories
    – The spinner chooses a category. The circle must say something falling under the category. Whoever hesitates or repeats something that has already been said, must drink.
  • Never Have I Ever
    – Everyone puts up 3 fingers. Starting with the spinner, the circle states something they have never done. Whoever has done it, puts down a finger. The first person or people to put down all their fingers must drink. If someone says they haven’t done something, but someone else successfully challenges it, the challenged must drink.
  • Question Master
    – The spinner is now the Question Master until the next Question Master is chosen. The Question Master may ask anyone a question at any time, and if they do not ask another question back or stay silent, they must drink.
  • New Rule
    – The spinner may make a new rule that causes someone to drink. Common rules include something everyone must do or say if “this” happens or is said. Anyone who doesn’t follow the rule, must drink. The rule will last until a new rule is made.
  • Waterfall
    – Everyone starts drinking at once. The spinner is the first to stop. No one can stop drinking until the person before them in the circle has stopped.

Please Drink Responsibly

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