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Jump to Conclusions Wheel

Modify Wheel on Home Page This wheel is based off of Tom Smykowski’s famous “Jump to Conclusions Mat” from Office Space. If you’re ever stuck in a situation and you don’t know what to conclude, this wheel will help you

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What Video Game Genre to Play?

Modify Wheel on Home Page If you can’t decide what game to play, this is a wheel of video game genres to choose from. If you want to be more specific, make your own wheel of your games. Adventure Action

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Football Squares

This is a wheel for the game “Football Squares” also known as “Super Bowl Squares.” The wheel can be used for the process of randomly assigning digits to the rows and columns Football Squares Sheet – Super Bowl 2014.xlsx Football

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What Event to Attend?

The Events Near You wheel is a page that lets you specify where you are and retrieves events from a certain date range. This can be a fun way to see what’s going on around you. Check out the Events

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Where to Eat?

Places Search allows you to enter in your location and select a type of place (restaurant, bar, cafe, etc…) and it will find the 20 closest places and let you make a wheel from that that you can spin to

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What Movie to Rent?

Check out the Top Movie Rentals page for a regularly updated page with the top 10 current rentals and with a link to a spinnable wheel with those rentals. Go to Top Movie Rentals Page

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What Movie to See?

Check out the special top box office movies page to view the current top box office movies and get a spinnable wheel for this. Top Box Office Movies and Wheel

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What to Eat for Lunch?

Modify Wheel on Home Page The age old question, “Where are we going for lunch?” Spin this wheel of cuisines to help you and your coworkers, friends, or family answer it with confidence. But if these food categories are too

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Wheel of Fortune

Modify Wheel on Home Page This is the wheel from the TV game show Wheel of Fortune. Go for it, solve the puzzle.

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Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Modify Wheel on Home Page This will save you a lot of time from picking flower petals. Does your love feel the same as you do?

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