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Favorite Albums of 2016

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Late contenders caused delay, but here are our favorite albums of 2016. Spin the wheel to randomly play a song from the list. The wheel will spin again after each video finishes, but if the browser doesn’t have focus then

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What String Band Song to Jam?

"Clifftop" Appalachian String Band Festival 2016

String musicians have gathered, ready to play, but what? Keep the music flowing by spinning these wheels—adopted from a list compiled by Henry The Fiddler with additions from old time fiddlers and banjo players at the Appalachian String Band Music

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Wheel Decide’s All-Time Favorite Songs

CCR - Wheel Decide All-Time Favorite Songs

Spin the wheel of the songs Wheel Decide just can’t stop listening to, complete with music videos.

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College Basketball Wheel Madness 2017


Bracketologists look out because Wheel Decide has the latest in bracket simulation technology. For the big college basketball tournament this March, just start the simulation and watch all the games of the tournament play out. Each team is weighted by

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What Oscar Movie to Watch 2016?

2015 was another great year for film. If you missed out on some of the best movies, these wheels will help you decide what to watch first. They’re all winners in the eyes of the Wheel. Best Picture Nominees All

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What to Do on a Date?

Modify the Wheel Try a new activity this Valentine’s Day! Contrary to what many believe, dates don’t have to be stuck in the box of dinner, clubs, or movies. There are so many fun ways to spend time with another

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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What Genre of Book to Read?

If you are lost and can’t decide what novel to pick up next, spin this wheel of genres. This is a great tool for any book club as well. If you have a few books you’ve been meaning to read

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What Play / Musical to See? (2014 Tony Nominees)

Tony Nominated Plays (2014) Tony Nominated Musicals (2014) Trying to decide the next play or musical you need to see? It can be difficult with so many great live shows. Spin the wheel of all of this year’s (2014) Tony

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